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Pre-Agreements We Make Before Birth

Pre-Agreements We Make Before Birth

“You attract others, and are attracted by others, depending upon the current intentions that you hold in any point in time.

“You have, undoubtedly, come into contact with others where there was immediate at-oneness experienced by both of you, and in such cases, it is very possible that you are old friends who have participated in, perhaps, many physical life experiences and have agreed, prior to this physical birth, to reunite to participate again. Many of you are finding one another now. You are coming together in this life experience because your Inner Beings have agreed that you would.

“But even as you have made some decisions about others with whom you will interact in this physical lifetime, you are attracting only those beings who enhance that which you are CURRENTLY thinking about.

“Our point, here, is that you are dominant in this physical experience. And no matter what decisions have been made prior to this physical birth, you are attracting the others, with whom you are interacting, through your physical conscious thought.

“You have only to intend, now, in your new awareness, that you will meet those with whom you have agreed to participate — and it will be.

“This physical lifetime will be a sort of wonderful reunion for all beings who are aware of these possibilities — for as you are aware of the broadness of your being, and of the broadness of others with whom you share this earth, and as your recognize that you emanate from groups of beings who have evolved similarly — then you may deliberately attract those physical representatives into your physical experience that you may all benefit from the interaction.”

~ Abraham [A New Beginning I, pages 52-53]

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