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Is There A Santa Claus

Is There A Santa Claus

“Let me begin humorously by saying, “Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.” In the same way, yes, there is a God.

“The earth emerges. It is given, like a gift to you at your birth. It is there then like Santa Claus’s toys when you were a child; and you ask, who is the giver?

“The child accepts the Santa Claus answer for some years and then becomes disillusioned, realizing that the Santa Claus of Christmas tales is a myth. So in many ways the stories of a God are myths. But you are still left with a bag of toys on the one hand and the luxurious earth on the other, so the question still remains.

“My answer is that the myths in their own way try to hint at answers that are basically nonverbal, and at concepts that are themselves the fountainhead from which the earth and all existence springs.”

~ SETH – The Personal Sessions, Book 2, 1972.10.13

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