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Future Maps of Earth?

Future Maps of Earth?

Will this be the future of Earth?

Now, the main question is: What do we do about it?

My answer is: We don’t worry much about it and we relax. We most definitely shouldn’t live in fear of any of this because one day we will all die one way or another. So, it’s senseless to worry about when or how it will be. It will be what it will be. You and I may die tomorrow of a heart attack and then it will be the end of the world for us. And that’s okay, because it’s a normal process of living and dying. I most certainly don’t think about the day I will die or how it will be, otherwise life becomes senseless. Why bother living if we’ll die one day, right? So, don’t worry about it! Live your life to the fullest and enjoy every minute of it. Though, it may be wise to move away from major oceans, lakes and rivers, just because it makes good sense. We only do what makes good sense, right? I moved away from Florida because I didn’t like Florida, but also because it’s expected to be underwater one day, so I don’t want to be there if it happens. But again, I could also die of a tornado hit right here where I am in the Appalachian Mountains, or a snake bite, or a car accident. However, my heart asked me to move from Florida for many reasons, and this was just one of them, but not the only one. I simply never liked Florida anyway. My best advice is: Follow your heart and instincts (the beasts do that) and let them guide you. But mostly, don’t live in fear. Just live wisely.

~ Christina Chalréo Breault

“… realize that the future is a probability. In terms of ordinary experience, nothing exists there yet. It is virgin territory, planted by my feelings and thoughts in the present. Therefore, I will plant accomplishments and successes, and I will do this by remembering that nothing can exist in the future that I do not want to be there.” ~ Seth

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