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Conscious Intent

Conscious Intent

“In your system of reality, the other creatures cannot help but act with good intent, even if their intent is to kill their prey. Because of many reasons given throughout the material, mankind took himself out of that context.

“Seemingly, he gave up a certain identification with nature and as a result, he will finally come to appreciate it from an entirely different viewpoint. He will learn to be ‘consciously’ well-intentioned. He will consciously seek his own good, not at the expense of others, for he will realize that he cannot achieve any good in that manner.

“You cannot kill a chicken, personally, and eat it comfortably. You certainly cannot kill a cow, by yourself. You know that slaughterhouses are cruel, that animals are not killed quickly or cleanly and to some extent, the psychic disquiet of those animals IS consumed with their meat.

“When man learns to approach a well-intentioned, psychological environment, he will then be following the inherent nature of all realities.”

~ SETH [The Personal Sessions, Book 4, Session 8/9/78]

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